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Welcome to the club!

Join the club and participate in a new exciting way of sports betting with the community by predicting the sports team results.

Start using your cryptos
Funding and withdrawals in Tether-USDT

Challenging your knowledge in sports, and obtain great returns with only $1 USDT

  • Predict Results

    Predict the exact results of sports games from the Kickir open markets.

  • Check statistics, head to head of the games.

    Evaluate the past statistics, games head to head, obtain all info to make more accurate predictions in your bets.

  • Fair Play & Transparency

    Play with the community, no more odds against you, Know your potential earnings before games start, and make any changes before the market closes.

  • Start Using your Cryptos

    Fund your account using your stablecoins USDT (Tether) “Trc20 or Polygon” to obtain great returns with only $1 USDT.

  • If no winners on the bet, you will recieve your money back from that bet!! (“One Time Type”)

  • If no winners on the bet, your money will remain in the pool for the next matchweek. (“Dynamic Type”)

  • “Bets can be canceled or modified before market Closes at no cost”

Quick and easy to get started

  • Sign Up

    A simple but effective signup process to be able to onboard users quickly and intuitively.

  • Deposit your Cryptos

    Send your USDT (Tether) “Trc20 or Polygon” to your Kickir account.

  • Go to the Open Markets Tab

    Navigate through the available positions for betting. Analyze stats to make accurate predictions.

  • Predict & Place the Bet

    Predict the exact results and buy. Then, wait for the outcomes to see if you won the money in the pool.

We do NOT charge any fees for incoming or outgoing payments. (Keep in mind your wallet or exchange fees)


Be one of us, get your friends on board and get ready to start making money.