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Let's face it being a student today is nothing compared to being a student back in the day. High School students are learning complex concepts that sometimes parents can’t even understand let alone the students themselves. Imagine doing homework or even studying for a test or exam and looking at a math problem or even a business concept and think to yourself I don't even know where to start. As a parent you try to help, but The Big Question Is HOW?

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  • Tutors out of the Budget?
  • No time in you Schedule?
  • You can't even Understand the work?

We Thought Of You

We know how expensive tutoring can be and a lot of times you as parents can’t fork out thousands of rands each term just for some extra classes. Not to mention the inconvenience of having to find time in your busy schedule just to take them to a class or tutor. Then at the same time you don’t even know what their teaching them or if it’s any good?

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High School CAPS
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Branding thought-leader angel investor. Protocol writing, inflated SaaS series. Zoom supported product manager. Term sheet-loving international intelligence operative.

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In this side panel you can see all of the modules we provide from Grade 8 to 12 this will be the entire CAPS syllabus for the year of that given subject.

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Mathamatics Literacy


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