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This is how Cheffe works

Choose the plan that best suits your needs & schedule!

Cheffe is redefining what it means to hire a chef, by offering a new kind of experience.

Book your Cheffe quickly and easily, dietary requirements and budgets. Menus are designed by you and your chef together, meals are made from your ingredients and cooked in your own kitchen while you spend your time doing what you really love.

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Why choose Cheffe

We are more than a healthy, delicious time-saver!


Save Time & Headspace

Save Time & Headspace

Busy and hectic life? Cheffe gives you back valuable time and reliefs stress from ensuring a healthy meal for you (and your family)


Fresh, Safe & Healthy

Fresh, Safe & Healthy

Enjoy fresh, healthy food that you will last you for the week without compromising on portion size!


Choose from 100+ Chefs

Choose from 100+ Chefs

Browse and select from hundreds of creative, amazing professional and hobby chefs to come and cook for you with love.


Curated & Delicious

Curated & Delicious

Each chef has different menus with delicious recipes that can be mixed and matched for the best experience.

Our promise

Cheffe is revolutionising the way we think about home cooking. Our goal is to provide people with healthy meals across a variety of cuisines by connecting you with the most passionate and experience chefs across London who will curate menus for you to choose from.

Whether being a time-poor professional, a family with a million things to do, or someone who just doesn’t enjoy cooking – we know that everybody loves delicious and healthy food! Cheffe is giving people the gift of time, without compromising on health, quality or taste.


Our plans

  • standard menu
  • Standard Menu

    price per meal from £6.43*

  • Includes 3 recipes
  • 12 servings

£59 per visit

£47.20 with subscription at checkout

  • Premium menu
  • Premium menu

    price per meal from £6.06*

  • Includes 5 recipes
  • 20 servings

£89 per visit

£71.20 with subscription at checkout

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